News from John Bunzl

Something rather Simpol happened in UK politics. We doubled the number of pledged MPs! But what about Germany?

John Bunzl says:

Yes, the UK election was special, and we’re not just talking about the reported youth voter turnout or the Labour resurgence.

As a result of the stellar work of our UK-supporters, over 650 candidates standing for election signed our Simpol Pledge to solve global problems – and 64 of them are now MPs!

Bringing together MPs from across the political divide, including:

  • Vince Cable (Liberal Democrats),
  • Caroline Lucas (Green Party),
  • John McDonnell (Labour),
  • Jeremy Lefroy (Conservative)
  • and Marion Fellows (SNP)

– our coalition would make the third largest party in parliament. Who says politicians are out of touch? 

Congratulations and a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped get us there!

We’ll be working hard in the coming months to engage our MPs and in recruiting all those MPs who don’t yet support the campaign.


Get in touch on if you’d like to be involved in what happens next.





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