News from Jackie Carpenter in Trelay

    Trelay members

Jackie is a co-founder of Trelay, which is working towards the original dream of a sustainable, cooperative eco-village, but the development work seems to be building up to some sort of crescendo and there was a big effort to agree a final site plan and tidy the site.

In parallel with all this, food production has gone up, with wonderful dairy products, plenty of meat, and more vegetables from both the polytunnel and the veggie patch than ever before. A poor year for soft fruit

Read about the wild flowers and wildlife there, the Easter egg hunt, planting seed potatoes, animal rearing and Trelay members’ visit to Golitha Falls, south of Bodmin Moor.

In addition to refurbishing and extending homes and building a materials store they have decided to have another go at getting planning permission for a wind turbine at Trelay – difficult, because it is an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), but a pre-planning enquiry will be submitted, asking about a small turbine for the use of the community, rather than one to sell electricity to the grid.

Trelay Cohousing Community welcomes visitors, although they are not open to show people round most of the time, as it is their home and we are busy caring for our plants and animals, and building things.

Visitors can come there as holiday guests – see below for information about Tamarisk cabins, or contact Maria or James to find out about the campsite. To book in advance for next year please call 07378 286 126 or email Those who wish to learn or work rather than be a holiday-maker can come to one of the “Interest Weekends” to learn what cohousing is all about. Or come as a working volunteer, either for one of the allocated weeks, or at another time. The dates for interest weekends (including dairying, looking after the fruit and vegetables) are on the website.


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