Legal action by the Environmental Law Foundation, co-founded by Diana Schumacher

The latest news from The Environmental Law Foundation [ELF], of which Diana Schumacher is co-founder, vice-president and trustee, relates to a campaign to improve the performance of Thames Water.

Thames Water is subject to the Environmental Information Regulations (2004). This law says that bodies like Thames Water shall make the environmental information it holds progressively available to the public by electronic means which are easily accessible. The information will show where greater investment is needed to protect the river.

ELF has worked with London Waterkeeper (LW) since it was first approached for assistance in 2016. LW recently launched a campaign – A Thames Fit To Swim –  to persuade Thames Water to notify the public when sewage works overflow and discharge to the Thames during wet weather, from the Cotswolds to the Capital, by putting the information on its website, in real-time. Readers living in those areas may sign up to the campaign here.

                               Copenhagen Harbour Bath

Copenhagen made its waters ‘swimmable’ by adopting this policy. Read an inspiring account here. Urban beaches and harbour swimming pools have been created which are now its most popular open spaces.

Read more here.






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