News from Ben Parkinson in Uganda


CYEN has formed a partnership with “ECOaction”, a waste management project in Banda, founded in 2012 by Reagan Kandole. It has been involved in youth social enterprise projects for last 5 years and wants to expand their environmental intervention by working with CYEN.

This project is engaging young people and the rest of the community in collecting waste and creating employment opportunities through reusing and recycling waste. In the capital city of Uganda, Kampala 730,000 tons of waste is produced every day and, at present, only an estimated 1% is recycled.

ECOaction’s goals are:

  • to address high unemployment and the increase in bio and human waste;
  • to stress the benefit of an eco-friendly society beyond trash, where empowered and responsible citizens live in harmony with their environment;
  • to engage the community in environmentally beneficial livelihood activities, increasing community events and activities that can improve the environmental situation and
  • to increase opportunities in welding/carpentry/and using many kinds of waste apron plastics aim to recycle/reduced/reuse.

Ben Parkinson (CYEN) says: “Companies estimate that only 4% of their bottles come back for re-use and surely we need to address this by improving the amount that recyclers are paid for the bottles or finding some way to subsidise this.

Bottle picking is known as the least well paid work, where adults cannot find even enough for their children’s school fees. Ecoaction Banda have evolved products which could help address this imbalance.”

ChrysalisUganda will be hosting one of their large recycled plastic collection bins and young social entrepreneurs from their Butterfly project will be learning the techniques of recycling plastic, as part of their training programme.




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