News from Caroline Whyte of Feasta

Feasta, co-founded by our late colleague, Richard Douthwaite, is issuing a podcast series: Bridging the Gaps: Podcasts on ecology, health, energy, well-being . . .

It is co-organised by Feasta and the European Health Futures Forum. It’s a follow-on to our 2019 series Beyond the Obvious, also done in collaboration with the EHFF.

Feasta plans to upload 10 podcasts in the course of 2020. Topics will include:

• how best to measure well-being
• the politics of land
• wealth distribution
• diversity, both biological and cultural
• blame, shame and compassion
• the role of digital technology in society

…..all in the context of a biosphere which is critically ill and in need of urgent care.

The hosts, Seán O’Conláin and Caroline Whyte (right), explore a range of topics with guests from a wide variety of backgrounds. To hear Podcast 1: Living well in the face of climate and ecological crises (January 31 2020) click on this link.

Feasta thanks Laoise Kelly who gave them permission to use her harp music. The piece is ‘Princess Beatrice’ from her Album ‘Just Harp’.






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