Alison Williams

alison williams - headAlison is a regular correspondent but never sends me news of her own affairs. However, by chance, whilst searching for some information I came across two items.

Network for Peace records that – as Secretary of the Merton Branch of UNA and Coordinator of UNGA-Link UK and a former UN tour guide – she is available to talk on UN Reform and Global Governance.

Last year, she received Pax Christi’s bi-annual Peace Award

It was presented during Pax Christi’s AGM, by Jose Henrique, the new General Secretary from Pax Christi International. The award was given to three other local peace activists on Saturday: Susan Clarkson from Oxford, and Ann and Stewart Hemsley from Cambridge whom I remember meeting years ago.

neve shalom logoThe award is a beautiful medal reflects the work of Neve Shalom-Wahat al Salaam village in Israel, established by the late Fr Bruno Hassar. I failed to find a clear picture of the medal, but if one is sent later it will be added.

The citation:

Alison has worked for peace, quietly, day in day out, over many years and without proper recognition. She has been with Pax Christi at least 40 years and she is most passionate about support for the United Nations. Her roots are in New Zealand, she is widely travelled and qualified in many languages and actively promotes the spread of Esperanto. She recently spoke about her father working for the UN in London in 1945. Alison promotes the potential of the UN for global peacemaking. Living in Wimbledon she is the co-organiser of the Wimbledon Disarmament Coalition / United Nations Association. She is admired for her calm authority when chairing meetings over hotly contested issues. She faithfully turns out for weekly vigils, giving talks to neighbouring church – or peace groups. Alison has represented Pax Christi on many occasions at annual conferences of the United Nations Association, she contributes to the Movement for the Abolition of War, works with the Network for Peace and no doubt many other organisations. The Pax Christi award is to be seen as a long overdue tribute.

‘Calm authority’ – precisely.





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