Barbara Panvel

Barbara Panvel taught for many years in social priority schools in Birmingham. After assembling a report for six NGOs into the effects of war on development in the Sudan, Ethiopia and Mozambique (1990-1) she took a master’s course at Bradford’s Department of Peace Studies, and her research into the use of non-lethal weapons to intervene in low-intensity conflict laid the foundation for the department’s ongoing research in that field.  

With her family she paid regular visits to in-laws in India, living for a quarter of the year in Mumbai for ten years from 1993 where she joined the Centre for Holistic Studies and set up a UK network which has assisted work in several fields, including the updating by Mary Holmes of a database of worker co-operatives and a research study by Steve Schofield into the implications of the UK adopting a non-offensive defence stance (like Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland and Japan). More recently a Peace Trail for Birmingham city centre was produced and a pamphlet about Solar Pioneers of Bournville. 

She worked for four years with homeless people at Trinity Centre, Camp Hill and Highgate (Birmingham) in her spare time and did a survey on improving job centres at the request of Cllr Theresa Stewart. 

She edits this website and a number of others, running one each for non-party political groups: India’s CHS centre, Civilisation 3000 (defence), Chemical Concern, Concerned Co-operators, Thomas Attwood Group, Inland Waterway Freight, West Midlands New Economics Group and West Midlands Producers – contributing to Localise West Midlands and Commercial Boat Operators websites. 

She was the secretary of Solihull Lodge Community Centre for some years before leaving the area.  

Politically eclectic, currently Corbynite member of Labour Party, she also supports the Greens, Mebyon Kernow and the National Health Action Party.




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