John Bunzl

john bunzl 4John Bunzl  continues to work with the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO), which he founded in 1998. ISPO is a voluntary organization promoting the Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign. Its core premise is a recognition that the current competitive global marketplace dictates government policy, causing the world more and more problems.

ISPO is “a growing association of citizens world-wide who aim to use their votes in a new, co-ordinated and effective way to drive all nations to co-operate in solving our planetary crisis.”

Those who adopt Simpol are saying: “I will vote in all future elections for any parliamentary candidate – within reason – who has signed the Simpol Pledge, or if I have a party preference, I want my preferred candidate to sign the Pledge.” With many parliamentary seats, and even entire elections, often hanging on a small number of votes, politicians who don’t take part in creating our people-centred global democracy, risk losing votes to those who do..

integral2 consciousness in europe header

Simpol to be presented at Integral Europe Conference, Budapest

Dirk Weller1Dirk Weller (right), National Coordinator of Simpol-Germany, and John Bunzl, Simpol’s founder, have been invited to give a joint presentation on global politics and Simpol to the Integral Europe Conference taking place in Budapest 8-11th May. A workshop on these issues will also be presented.

Participants are expected to from all over Europe and beyond, other speakers include Susanne Cook-Greuter, Thomas Huebl and many more. Read more here.

In a new article on The Huffington Post, John suggests that environmentalists do not yet fully see how the ‘hidden hand’ of destructive international competition is the real driver behind the headlong international rush for fracking, and how it calls traditional NGO strategies into question. Read it here.

Electioneering continues: Simultaneous Policy (Simpol-UK), the voice for global solutions in parliament has become ‘the fourth largest unofficial ‘party’ in Westminster’. There has been a 38% increase in elected MPs pledged to implement its global justice agenda.

Following a pre-election campaign that saw 630 candidates from across the party spectrum sign its pledge, the citizen-led Simpol campaign is celebrating an increase in its representation in the House of Commons – with 29 elected MPs now confirmed. The number makes Simpol’s collective of MPs the fourth largest unofficial ‘party’ in Westminster. 5 MEPs have also signed.

simpol-latest-headerThe group includes candidates from all the major parties – including Conservative, Labour and the SNP – who echo their national success by making up 31% of Simpol’s parliamentary collective.

The MPs who signed this Pledge could prove a decisive voice in favour of more integrated, global policymaking in the next 5 years. The Pledge’s condition of simultaneous implementation avoids any nation suffering a first-mover competitive disadvantage – something that presently hampers substantive agreement on issues such as corporation tax, tax evasion and climate change. Simpol will be working with all its MPs to broaden support for the campaign in parliament.

UK citizens are asked to sign the Simpol Petition to encourage more MPs to support the campaign.



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