Julian Rose

Julian Rose is a farmer, writer, international activist and social entrepreneur – read more here. He is author of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems”. He is also the author of “In Defence of Life – a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom” to be published later this summer: www.changingcourseforlife.info.

An article in a Henley newspaper: as it is said that one picture is worth a thousand words, look at this:

JR GM-free zone

Julian fears that genetically modified organisms could harm humans if they make their way into food. He has erected a sign outside his estate stating that it is a “GMO-free zone” and wants neighbouring farmers to follow suit:

“I’m urging farmers and landowners who are growing GMO-free foods to make the public aware of this fact by putting up a sign.

“We don’t trust or want GMO food. The public are interested in seeing and finding access to good-quality, flavourful and local foods grown by environmental farming methods. They no longer trust the big corporations and supermarkets or the Government with these issues.

His excellent paper: The Future is the Farmer may be read in Discussion Papers.


In 2015 he wrote about the TTIP agreement:

“A key element of this Transatlantic Trade Agreement, but only one of hundreds of highly controversial proposals, is the move to deregulate the status currently accorded to imports of GM seeds and plants for cultivating in European soils.

“A determined effort by all of us, who care about real food and real farming, will be needed to stop one of the most insidious attempts yet to end Europe’s widespread resistance to genetically modified organisms. In particular, the use of GM seeds in European agriculture, leading to genetically modified crops being grown in areas that have, up until now, successfully resisted the GM corporate invasion. . .

“TTIP and CETA are perfect weapons for the long planned for destruction of national sovereignty. Trade negotiators, GM exponents, big farming unions, agrichemical businesses and food processing giants are all in on the game and have strong lobby groups backing TTIP”.




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