Molly Scott Cato

molly scott cato 4Molly was a Green Party councillor [Stroud, Valley], economics spokesperson for the Green Party and Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Roehampton University before becoming (2015) a South West England MEP. Read more here.

She is a member of the European Parliament’s TAXE committee, tasked with making recommendations on improving transparency and cooperation between Member States on tax.

Molly is concerned that proposed changes to subsidies and planning laws that will affect renewable energy generators breach EU competition law and sent a written question about this to the Competition Commissioner.

She was applauded in the European Parliament after speaking against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) trade deal.

greenhouse-think-tank-smallMolly is one of the group which founded a new thinktank in 2011, the Green House. It is committed to a politics of hope and to greater confidence in the new paradigm in social and economic life built up over the last sixty years.

She highlighted the so called ‘carbon bubble’ on Global Divestment Day. She says that the overvaluation of oil, gas and coal mining companies poses a growing risk to economies:“If we are serious about limiting global warming to below 2°C, fossil fuel reserves must be kept firmly in the ground, which would turn them into stranded financial assets. Public and private financial institutions continue to pour millions into fossil fuel companies, inflating their share prices, as if their fossil reserves will always sell on the market. This is a deluded assumption.”






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