Collaboration between networkers and other valued contacts

  • An exchange between Diana Schumacher and Molly Scott Cato following Diana’s response to this article;
  • Diana-related Environmental Law Foundation was working with some of my contacts in Stirchley – I found out by chance.
  • some valuable ongoing collaboration between Jonathon Porritt and Colin Hines and
  • between Jonathon Porritt and Shaun Chamberlin;
  • support from ORC’s Lawrence Woodward at the planning stage of the Ecological Land Co-operative (Shaun);
  • not recent, but in depth: John Bunzl and James Robertson wrote a book: Monetary Reform – Making it Happen;
  • a year earlier than that, Mary Holmes updated the directory of worker co-operatives for ICOM, now part of Co-operatives UK;
  • Alison Williams’ regular news of positive peace developments & relaunch of the UNGA-Link website;
  • Christine Parkinson’s forwarding of many reports from Scientists for Global Responsibility;
  • Localise West Midlands’ (co-ordinator Karen Leach) membership of the International Alliance for Localisation (Helena);
  • Christine’s republishing of Julian Rose’s Globalisation v Localisation;;
  • regular input from James Robertson, Jackie Carpenter (newsletters)
  • from Katy & Rashneh in India
  • and from Rianne ten Veen, of late focussing on the problems facing EU residents in Britain, post Brexit.




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