Andrew Walton

andrew-waltonAndrew is the founder of the Bioregion Birmingham think tank and project manages Bordesley Green Forest Garden, having successfully applied for a Heritage Lottery grant, utilising his experience as a permaculture student, writer, communications professional, and project manager.

Bordesley Green Forest Garden is a grant funded community project, which aims to promote regenerative urban food production and community collaboration.

Forest gardening is a form of agro-ecology. It mimics the structure of a natural forest – the most stable and sustainable type of ecosystem in our climate – using edible and productive trees and perennial plants to increase natural biodiversity.

Andrew is passionate about ecology and social justice and Bioregion Birmingham was founded in response to the ecological and economic challenges facing Birmingham and the surrounding regions.

Its aims are to promote bioregionalism – the principle of meeting human needs within the constraints of resource areas – participatory democracy and community resilience as solutions to global economic and environmental challenges.

The think tank provides a platform to key thinkers, activists and community groups with a view to sharing practical information that could inform policy while empowering citizens to be the change they want to see.

Andrew has a certificate in Permaculture Design and a Diploma in Public Relations. He is an Advisory Board Member to the Ecological Citizen journal and previously sat on the committee of the Birmingham Green Party.




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