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News from Julian Rose who comments: A little satire can go a long way.

             The Monsanto/Bayer Transgenic Knot is Tied!

                       Don’t Miss the Mono Satanic Wedding of the Year

                                                 Julian Rose

            A Special Report by Big Pharma/Big Agro Weekly News.

Oh happy day! Two entities that are clearly a near perfect match, are to be joined together in hellish madrimony.

On the 21st March, 2018, after due consideration, The EU Monopolies and Murders Commission sanctioned their marriage – for the princely sum of just $666 billion dollars. What a joyous day for the people, plants and animals of planet Earth!

The wedding, between these two infamous same-sex corporates, is to be celebrated with a laboratory prepared Roundup Ready cocktail, which invited guests will be able to savor from specially commissioned asbestos goblets, each bearing the Saturnian insignia’s of the corporate couple.

Cyber waiters, wearing only a fixed smile and an Aspirin, will bring to the table a large bowl of Agent Orange consomme, as black nanotech confetti rains down on the happy couple.

Genetically modified mosquitoes in a rich glyphosate sauce is to follow; garnished with Amflora GM potatoes and further spiced with Monsanto’s very own Flaver Saver tomato dressing. I am reliably informed, that the eagerly awaited desert will be an organophosphate Golden Rice pudding, served in genetically engineered pig skin bowls with the words ‘New World Order’ inscribed on the outer rims.

A gentle ‘digestivo’ of microwave warmed  Coca Cola will also be served, sweetened by Monsanto’s original saccharin chemical formula, to help settle any over inflated stomachs.

Lastly, for anyone wanting something as simple as a nice glass of water, the Carkill corporation has most generously offered to donate free bottles of its fluoride enriched tap water, for this occasion.

After their sumptuous dinner, guests will be entertained by Lady Bla Bla, Mad Onna and Miley Citrus, a cyborgian trans-gender act famous for its ’emotion free’ performances and costumes entirely made from reconstituted GM chicken thighs. What a grand spectacle!

Tickets will be available for a special public event to follow later in the week at the Head Quarters of The European Commission. Prices will start at $10,000 a head, but there will be a limited number of front row seats available at $1,000,000 each. Those fortunate enough to purchase these seats will get a free ‘MonBay’ T shirt and a bottle of synthetic bovine growth hormone (bovine samatotrophin), enhanced semi skimmed ultra heat treated milk. Book early, as seats are expected to sell fast.

Also available at this event, owing to the generosity of the host corporations, will be special gift vouchers for original 1925 examples of products made using polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s), so helpful in plasticating internal organs, but unfortunately banned in the 1990’s after too many people got the irrational notion that they were not doing anyone, or anything, any good.

Finally, the happy couple will leave for their honeymoon so as to consummate their common lust for power. In this case, in a delightfully un-restored Transylvanian castle by invitation of Count Roth-Soros, a great grand son of the much vaunted Count Dracula.  There they will spend a quiet weekend with close fiends and New World Order vampires, planning the next major take-over.

What will it be? Speculation is rife that it is likely to be the World, as nothing else has quite the cache.

Postscript: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” Jimmy Hendrix

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer, actor and international activist.

He is President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside and the author of: Changing Course for Life and In Defense of Life, see






News from Julian Rose

Will the Polish government back small farmers and food sovereignty?

Described as ultra-conservative, rightwing and nationalist in the FT and committed to social welfare but ‘controversial’ by the BBC, the new Polish Law and Justice government has been criticised for measures taken to control the media.

jrose-gm-free2Julian Rose sent a link to his article in the Ecologist this week which is summarised here. He is the author of the ‘proximity principle’ and spent decades of lobbying on behalf of small and medium sized farmers in the UK. He is now chairman of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC), founded in 2000.

Julian sends the news that since Poland’s new government was elected last October it has moved to protect the country’s 1.3 million small farmers. First it freed, without charge, those arrested for protesting corporate land grabs, blocking the Polish Land Agency’s attempt to sell off prime farmland to foreign speculators. Now it is seeking to lighten oppressive hygiene regulations, and may well support a new Food Act that would ban GMOs, and legislate for national food security and food sovereignty . . .

Julian records, “Recent governments since Poland joined the EU in 2004 have outlawed the sale of on-farm processed foods unless farmers establish their operations as a separate business and in separate hygienically sanitised buildings. That’s completely unaffordable to the great majority of small farmers whose holdings typically range from between 3 and 10 hectares”.

He explains that the ICPPC has been campaigning to give the country’s 1.3 million small family farms the freedom to produce foods without needless, burdensome regulations, and to sell their produce locally. They are working with farmers and parliamentarians from the Kukiz’15 movement, which attracted 12% of the vote in the recent elections, to draft a new Food Act that will spell out farmer friendly’ supply and demand conditions that are critical to the survival of family farming traditions in Poland.

Julian adds: “In this, we have been fortunate to have the support of Jaroslaw Sachajko, the new Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, and a prominent member of Kukiz’15 in the Seime (Polish parliament) . . . Working closely with Sachajko has also enabled us to form the wording of the new act into the necessary legal terminology to be presented to parliament”.

Poland is a big country, rich in natural resources, but Rose reports that the European Commission stated outright, back in 2001, that it is the EU’s intention to eradicate the peasant farming tradition in Poland and restructure its agriculture by merging small farms into large scale enterprises able to ‘be competitive in the world market’.

Rose comments, “We all know what that means: large scale agrichemical monocultures exporting commodities onto the highly volatile global market place”.

The battle to prevent this has been the main task undertaken by ICPPC, centring around a major anti GMO campaign which successfully kept genetically modified seeds out of the country and led to a government ban on the import and planting of GM crops in 2006 (also then by Law and Justice).

Now that Law and Justice is back in power – and with a large majority – we have the chance of moving forward on this front as well as rekindling interest in an outright ban of GM animal feed. Such a ban had been proposed by Law and Justice back in 2006, but never came to fruition.

julian 2ducks

A bottom-up renaissance of real food and real farming is a long term goal of ICPPC. If we can get a genuinely farmer friendly food act through parliament in the coming months, with the road clear of GMOs and repressive food regulations, perhaps entrepreneurial Poles living abroad will be inspired to return to their native land and become instrumental in reviving the rural economy.

Whatever emerges in 2016, we remain committed to helping ‘hold the Polish line’ made up, as it is, of small and medium sized independent family farms, forming both the bedrock and backbone of the nation’s essential food security and sovereignty.