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More news from John Bunzl

John writes:

Simpol has been thinking about love. I know, bear with us. We really do mean love.

In the last month global climate strikes saw some of our planet’s youngest and brightest hopefuls take to the streets demanding action before a cataclysmic future becomes unavoidable. A 16 year old woman now recognisable the world over put herself in a position to speak blistering truth to power, and she did so with courage. The strikes, and her words, made for provocative headlines, entertaining memes, and powerful news segments. And motivated by a righteous anger over a future being squandered, we were united in our damnation of those leaders and countries who fail to heed her words.

But were we right to be? Or was there was something missing? Something desperately lacking to temper the damnation with understanding, to find connection across the divide, to focus the fury into action. What was missing, was love.

While our most vulnerable changemakers take to the streets to fight for the future they will most certainly have to live through, is it enough for the rest of us to just ride the trajectory of their fire? To take their raw emotion and point it at our leaders? Or should we be the ones to find the way forward, a way beyond blame, to resolution?

At Simpol we have already defined our way forward. It’s simultaneous action on global problems. We’ve defined it as cooperation. We’ve defined it as politics. Now, we define it as love.

Inserted extract: In this Medium piece: “People can come together in larger groups to “love” each other in the sense that they come together to help each other to organise for an agreed purpose. “Politics” is the name we give to this kind of love. It involves a process in which groups of people together decide their goals and agree how to achieve them and how to organise themselves in the best interests of all members of the group. When someone is prepared to die for their country, who can say that this is not love?”

Some say love is unrealistic. Impossible. Utopian, even. We say: Love is all we have.

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