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News from John Bunzl: never has his message seemed more relevant

As the introduction to John’s latest book says, compellingly: “In the 21st century we face innumerable challenges both now and in the future, from mass migration, unfettered corporate power, to inequality, big data and climate change. Ahead of these global threats and tragedies is a common barrier to their solution it is the spirit that has defined the age we live in: competition. The Simultaneous Policy Solution, the ‘SIMPOL Solution’ shows us how we must all come to terms with the crippling effect of global competition. Only through simultaneous action, through cooperation, can we overcome these problems”.

In July last year news was posted here that The SIMPOL Solution: Solving Global Problems Could Be Easier Than We Think, co-written with Nick Duffell, was to be released in the USA.

Since then, John writes, further editions have come out in Canada, Netherlands and Germany (German title is “Nationales Denken, Globale Krise”. National thinking, global crises.).

The webpage for the book is

Re-Base Camp – London 

The new website tells readers that John Bunzl  has been invited to host a round-table discussion on democracy at Re-Base Camp, to be held in London 4-5th November, 2019. Led by author, Chris Kutarna, Re-Base Camp is “a global invitation to collectively re-imagine our future and actively participate in expeditions for systemic change”. 

Only through simultaneous action, through cooperation, can we address the challenges facing us.